Luana Heart

About Us

Our first priority should be to “Create the conditions necessary for us to live”
We provide natural and evidence-based care using marine mineral (source of life) and oxygen (essential for life) based health management products going back to the basics, fundamentals and origin of health.

We strive to create a hub of health and wellness.


Hello, my name is Kaname Ikeda (Master Loquat Leaf Heat Treatment Certified Instructor) from Miyazaki, Japan and I moved to Kailua Kona, Hawaii in 2017. Now, I am working to help introduce loquat heat treatment, aroma therapy, natural remedies and creating healthy living classes in an environment full of nature.

I have been interested in health for a long time, but my interest grew after I had a miscarriage for my first child. As a result of the miscarriage, I decided to focus more strongly on a healthier lifestyle and began to seriously study natural remedies and holistic care.

My first encounter with Loquat Heat Treatment can be traced back when I was looking for something I could do to help a loved one recover from the cancer.(2013)
I decided to start sharing loquat heat treatment as a certified instructor, which helped save our lives, and share our experiences so we can give hope to those who are suffering now.
I had the great opportunity to study under the guidance of Mrs. Akemi Nagatomo (the first certified instructor of loquat leaf heat therapy), who has been engaged in this therapy in Japan for many years. I was able to acquire the correct knowledge and methods for loquat leaf heat therapy and obtained Master Loquat Leaf Heat Treatment Certified Instructor.
I am grateful to study under Mrs. Nagatomo, a leading expert of loquat heat treatment. I am making daily efforts to provide careful and wholehearted loquat heat treatment with the teachings from my teacher.

Another special skill of mine is my Calligraphy. Calligraphy keeps me balanced and is so addictive that I forget about the passage of time. The inspiration for this calligraphy comes from the beauty of the Big Island!