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For reservations, please send a text message to 612-860-2058 for English reservation and 808-657-8913 for Japanese letting us your desired date and time. 
In the text please let us know what weekday and what time between 9am and 5pm.  We will respond to you and confirm your reservation. 
*Please contact us specifically for reservation requests during holiday, weekends and time before or after 9am and 5pm.


Course and Travel Fees

【Courses and Fees】
《Loquat Heat Treatment + Massage Full Course》
Direct approach to ailments and pains! 90 minute course of medical massage (focusing on one area) to relieve tension at the root of symptoms and loquat heat treatment
30 Minute Medical Massage + 60 Minute Loquat Heat Treatment   $180

☆Recommendation☆Fulfilling 120 minutes course of medical massage (1 to 3 areas) and loquat heat treatment
60 Minute Medical Massage + 60 Minute Loquat Heat Treatment   $230
*We don’t want the treatment to end just with the body feeling good so we also offer coupon tickets so that you can experience the changes in your body after repeat treatments.

For resilient health! 120 minute course of swedish massage to relieve muscle tension throughout the body, relax and balance the nervous system and loquat heat treatment
60 Minute Swedish Massage + 60 Minute Loquat Heat Treatment   $210

《Loquat Heat Treatment》
45 Minute Loquat Heat Treatment   $100
60 Minute Loquat Heat Treatment   $130
Additional 10 Minute Loquat Heat Treatment   $20

60 Minute Swedish Massage   $80
90 Minute Swedish Massage   $115
120 Minute Swedish Massage   $150

60 Minute Medical Massage   $100
90 Minute Medical Massage   $145
120 Minute Medical Massage   $190

【Trip Fee】
From Kailua, Oahu
Within 10 miles    No Charge
11 to 20 miles    $15 × 2 ($30 round trip)
21 to 30 miles    $20 × 2 ($40 round trip)

We charge a fee for traveling to distant locations. This is mainly to cover the cost of gasoline, which is currently rising.
This fee includes travel time to and from your home or desired location.

☆ We recommend frequent treatments in order to easily obtain and sustain the effects of the treatments by continuing use of our coupon packs. 

Thankfully, we receive many reports of symptoms improving with Loquat Heat Treatment.  We recommend that those who’ve  seen improvement in their  symptoms continue treatment to prevent recurrence.  Those who continue the treatment consistently even after symptoms have improved have increased the underlying strength of their body.  Even if a problem does arise, the body’s natural healing power, the ability to return to normal, is drawn out and the problem will not linger.
This is recommended not only for chronic pain and old injuries, but also for mental symptoms such as mood swings.

【Coupon Ticket】
60 Minute Medical Massage + 60 Minute Loquat Heat Treatment Course × 5 times   $1,150→$1,050

Please use this coupon to add natural healing into your body on a regular basis and experience the benefits of Loquat Heat Treatment in combination with Medical Massage. This combination regulates the energy that circulates throughout your body and brings out your natural healing power and ability to heal illnesses more and more.
*The ideal pace for using the coupon set is 2-3 months. 

What can BiwaFamily do for you?

BiwaFamily is the only place in Hawaii that offers Loquat Heat Treatment (Loquat Leaf Heat Therapy).

Do you have any of these symptoms?  

Recent lack of sleep
High stressed
Pain or discomfort due to illness or injury
Gastrointestinal frailty
Under medical treatment
Indefinite complaint

If you experience any of these symptoms, why don’t you try the traditional oriental therapy “loquat heat treatment”, in addition to massage, which has a long history of around 3000 years.

It was used in ancient India and China, where medicine was developed early on.  Loquat leaf therapy was first introduced to Japan (more than 1,000 years ago), this therapy was also used in national medical facilities.  Later, it spread as a folk remedy throughout the country and has been passed on from person to person without ceasing, helping many people.

The loquat leaf has a history of helping many people recover from serious illnesses and relieve severe pain, with amazing results due to its superior medicinal properties and natural healing powers.

In Japan, from the middle of the Taisho era, Zen Master Kono Taikei saved as many as 200,000 patients with intractable diseases at Konchiin, according to a document.  Scientific research on the medicinal effects of loquat began in the early Showa period.

It is loquat leaf therapy that has a number of proven results, including complete cures of cancer, intractable diseases, and chronic diseases that are difficult to cure, which even doctors cannot do anything about.

The Loquat Heat Treatment that BiwaFamily uses is this ancient traditional therapy, Loquat Leaf Heat Therapy, with a far-infrared heat device.  These devices deliver loquat leaf extract, which contains all the medicinal properties of the plant, deep into the body to enhance our natural healing power and life force to cure illnesses.

Effects of Loquat Leaf Heat Therapy
Benefits of loquat leaf ingredients
・Blood purification
・Analgesic (pain relief)
Heat Treatment
・Regulation of autonomic nerves
・Improved circulation of qi and blood

In addition, health in Oriental medicine, which is the background of loquat leaf heat therapy, is defined as
Qi (energy) and blood in the body circulate smoothly and Yin and Yang are well balanced.

Therefore, with that in mind, loquat heat treatment is performed with the meridians and acupuncture points.  The meridians (passages through which Qi and blood pass) are distributed throughout the body both inside and out.  Acupuncture points are where the Qi on the meridians come and go.

Our heat device (Euphoria Q) is certified as a medical device, Far-infrared heat vaporizes loquat leaf extract to deeply penetrate into the skin.  Far infrared rays have a deeper level penetration than other heat treatments and can absorb more extract components.

Euphoria Qs’ specific effects
1.Recovery from fatigue 2.Improve blood circulation 3.Muscle stiffness relief 4.Muscle recovery 5.Relief of neuralgia/muscle pain 6.Increased gastrointestinal function

Loquat heat treatment is a symptomatic treatment that removes or alleviates various symptoms, but also activates the functions of various organs and the natural healing power.  It is also a systemic therapy that heals illnesses.  This therapy has a great therapeutic effect by penetrating the medicinal ingredients of loquat leaves into the body through the skin along with the effects of warm heat treatment.

You can receive this loquat leaf heat therapy in Hawaii.

In Japan, I studied under the guidance of Mrs. Akemi Nagatomo (the first certified instructor of loquat leaf heat therapy and was involved in the creation of the loquat heat treatment device), who has been engaged in this therapy in Japan for many years.  I was able to acquire the correct knowledge and methods for loquat leaf heat therapy and obtained Master Loquat Leaf Heat Treatment Certified Instructor.
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study under Mrs. Nagatomo, a leading expert of loquat heat treatment.  I am making daily efforts to provide careful and wholehearted loquat heat treatment with the teachings from my teacher.

At BiwaFamily, in addition to the usual loquat heat treatment, you can have the FDA-certified far-infrared heating pad (used by doctors, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals) with loquat leaf extract during every treatment. 
On its own, loquat heat treatment is very relaxing but experienced in combination with the far-infrared heating pad you can have a full body warming experience similar to a hot spring bath. 
We hope you too will experience deep healing

Steps of Loquat Heat Treatment

First, please take off your shirt and undergarments and lie face down on the heating pad. (far-infrared heating pad)
We will use loquat extract I made with organic Hawaiian vodka for the heating pad.  Please let me know if you become itchy.
I will place the device on your body.  Please say “OK” and let me know before you feel too hot and we will move to the next spot.
We use the extract that was made for treatment use in Japan.
You will receive the loquat heat treatment while enjoying the hot pad.  The loquat extract will penetrate into the body from both the heating pad (bottom) and the heat treatment device (top).
(I will check how much heat your body is taking as I am giving the treatment.  Normally, it feels hot around 15 seconds at each spot, however if we have some spots that are taking a long time to warm up, it might have been a cold area or it might need more attention.)

After around 20 minutes, I will need to refill the loquat extract.

*Please let me know if anything changes or if you have any concerns after your treatment. 

The results from the treatment will be different for everyone. Results may be different due to current conditions, medical history and lifestyle.
Issues with exhaustion and muscle pain can be resolved quickly but long term conditions will take more time.
With continual treatments, your body will improve its ability to heal.
Taking medicines and receiving medical treatment can help reduce your symptoms, but in the end, our healing power comes from our bodies so BiwaFamily will focus on this approach with Loquat Heat Treatment strengthening this power.

For reservations, please send a text message to 612-860-2058 for English reservation and 808-657-8913 for Japanese letting us your desired date and time. 
In the text please let us know what weekday and what time between 9am and 5pm.  We will respond to you and confirm your reservation. 
*Please contact us specifically for reservation requests during holiday, weekends and time before or after 9am and 5pm.

《Client Reviews》

Reducing My Back Pain

Reducing My Back Pain Since I was young I have done many different types of sports and activities.  Now that I have slowed down I have started to notice pain in my back and shoulders. Recently, I had several days of bad back pain and decided to try a loquat heat treatment.  I really enjoyed  the warmth of the heat treatment.  The heat penetrants slowly so you can get just the right amount of heat for you.   She was also able to learn a lot about where I might be having troubles based on how well the heat was penetrating.After the treatment, my back felt much looser and the pain went away.   I definitely recommend this treatment to anyone.  It was a great way to reduce my back pain without any intensive treatments.  It felt like a wonderful day at the spa!

Improved Circulation and Reduced Fatigue

Improved Circulation and Reduced Fatigue First of all, I loved this safe heated loquat liquid hitting pressure points to release my tensions. And I’m definitely interested to bring this method into this industry as new avenue of healing. I had a minor pain in my uterus, and she worked on my back to focus on my issue. Also she found my feet were cold, although it was a warm day, so she treated that acute issue. After the session, I felt my blood and lymph circulation were better. I felt rejuvenated from my daily workload fatigue. It’s an absolutely amazing method, it was professionally demonstrated, and I recommend it strongly.

Reducing My Shoulder Pain

Reducing My Shoulder Pain (Translated from Japanese) I had a loquat heat treatment  from Kaname. On that day, I told her that I had pain in my shoulder. She did the treatment properly on the basic point first. She said that was more effective than starting from the affected area.  It felt very good on my back, shoulders, neck and feet.  After that we focused on the pain in my shoulder. I was warm and relaxed during the experience. Once we were done, my shoulder felt much better. Even after I got home I still felt warm and I became very sleepy early in the day and slept soundly that night.  The next morning it was easier than usual to change clothes.  After every treatment, it was easier to feel the improvements the next day.

There are many more happy testimonials from Loquat Heat Treatment. You could learn more about the possibilities of this treatment. Please let us know if you are interested in these testimonials, so that we can prepare them for you when you receive the treatment. We are sure that you will find some encouraging testimonials.

This is the newspaper called “ビワと健康” (Loquat and Health) where I was interviewed about my work with loquat heat treatment in Hawaii for the summer special interview.

I talked about my thoughts around loquat heat treatment and what I have been doing to spread loquat heat treatment from Japan here in Hawaii.