dōTERRA and Me

I first learned about dōTERRA from a friend 2016 while still living in Miyazaki, Japan .  She was a former nurse with a lot of knowledge in the medical field.  She told me about the high quality and the No.1 popularity of dōTERRA essential oils (aroma oils) .  I was already interested in aromatherapy  and  I had heard that dōTERRA’s oils were therapeutic grade so I felt confident using them with my whole family.  dōTERRA fit perfectly with my natural focused lifestyle.  It was also a big point for me that the headquarters of dōTERRA were in the US.  By that point, I had already made plans to move to the Big Island and I thought it would continue to be convenient to us them.

I was really looking forward to receiving the oils I ordered after registering with dōTERRA.  I remember using a small bottle and handmade cream using dōTERRA oils until my order arrived.  Since the day the oils arrived I have continued everyday day to choose oils to diffuse based on my mood and I really enjoy it.  The scent of the essential oils will reach our brain in 0.2 seconds, instantly changing our mood and working on our body.

Above all, using dōTERRA’s essential oils at home is very helpful to keep my family healthy.  It can be used according to many specific situations , so if I have oils and the knowledge of how to use them, I can often care for it anywhere.  I discovered that I could help care for my family using dōTERRA’s oils.  Now, I am happy that I can help take care of those close to me.  It has become an important part of my family that I can’t let go of.

Also, a big reason I keep using dōTERRA products is not only because I am satisfied with the quality, but also because I am able to support the people in the country of origin involved in the production of the essential oils (creating jobs, improving the farmers’ lives, independence, etc.).  Since dōTERRA doesn’t go through a middleman, my purchase gives direct support to the people growing and harvest the plants locally to make pure essential oils.  The more I learn about the product, the more I am convinced that I want to  continue using them.

Since coming to the Big Island of Hawaii I felt that there are a lot of people using dōTERRA.  Many of the friends I’ve made since moving here are also loyal users of dōTERRA, along with my childers teachers.  Also, a local natural therapist that I visit often uses dōTERRA’s products as well.  Since moving to the Big Island, dōTERRA has become even more prevalent in my life.

My friend who introduced me to dōTERRA is in Miyazaki, but I can still get information about dōTERRA everyday thanks to her even though I’m on the Big Island of Hawaii.  I also watch dōTERRA’s online seminars twice a month.  I can get useful information and techniques for every season.  It seems that even the same users have different types of support, but I feel that I am blessed to be able to put myself in the support system of educated members who educate me using essential oils all the time.  There are members that I can call who can be trusted to consult with when needed, and they can be connected to no matter where I am, so there is no need to feel distant.

I would like anyone who is interested in essential oils and dōTERRA to use it comfortably at their own pace in a supported environment like mine.  There are many variations in how to use essential oils.  While learning the depth of essential oils, it continues to be interesting to discover new things.  Once you receive your wonderful dōTERRA products I want you to master it for yourself and learn to enjoy them as well.

I started sharing dōTERRA’s essential oils because I wanted many people to feel the power of the plants, to learn together with others inside of this great support system and for many people to use this knowledge in many different circumstances as needed.  I believe that the care of the mother conveys love and kindness to the child through the warmth of the mother’s hands.  Touch care with those close to you is a beautiful and warm way to share an experience.  Touch care is so easy to practice that even children could take care of their grandparents(or even your precious pets).  I want to help share this kind time with many families.  Lastly, thanks to current technology, we are able to connect to each other where ever we are.


*The essential oils, minerals, supplements, etc. that I have introduced are not medicines.  I made this to help live a healthy life at home.  Please understand the I am not a doctor and if you have any serious problems please contact your doctor. 

The products made in my handmade page all use pure essential oils that have passed strict scientific analysis and quality standards. (Only 100% natural ingredients derived from plants containing no pesticides or chemical fertilizers and no contaminants such as synthetic fragrances used .  All component analysis tables that show the constituents are disclosed)

Use essential oils at your own discretion.