Luana Heart

Luana Heart

from Big Island, Hawaii

With the concept of “Doing what makes my heart happy”, my name is Kaname on the Big island of Hawaii sharing with you my day to day life blessed by nature (Loquat Heat Treatment, dōTERRA Essential Oils and more) and introducing you to my calligraphy inspired by the beauty of the Big Island!

The meaning of luana・・・To be at leisure, enjoy pleasant surroundings and associates, live in comfort and ease, enjoy oneself, relax, be content.“(Hawaiian)

Welcome to Luana♡

My name is Kaname[Master Loquat Leaf Heat Treatment Certified Instructor and dōTERRA Certified Aroma Touch Therapist].  Born and raised in Miyazaki, Japan and currently living on the Big Island in Hawaii.  I moved to Hawaii in 2017 with my 2 kids (6 year old daughter and 3 year old son).  Now, I am raising my kids and working in a environment full of nature.  Also, I am  studying different types of natural remedies.

At Luana♡ I will introduce my life that incorporates the blessings of nature from the nature rich Big Island of Hawaii.

I will be sharing my day to day life on Instagram and videos of creating Japanese calligraphy on youtube.  Please take a look!

Loquat Heat Information

Loquat Heat Treatment

Loquat leaves have long been regarded as good for health and have been popular as a simple home remedy.

Loquat leaf hyperthermia therapy is a combination of loquat leaf therapy and heat treatment therapy, and the synergistic effects of both enhances the natural healing power (life force) of human beings and cures diseases.


dōTERRA’s essential oils are made from naturally powerful plants that I use for healing my family and those close to me.  I am a dōTERRA Aroma Touch Certified Therapist, and I also incorporate Aroma Touch Techniques into my daily life.

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