Luana Heart

About me

Hello, my name is Kaname [Master Loquat Leaf Heat Treatment Certified Instructor and dōTERRA Aroma Touch Certified Therapist], born and raised in Miyazaki, Japan and currently living on the Big Island in Hawaii.

I moved to Hawaii in 2017 with my 2 kids (6 year old daughter and 3 year old son).  Now, I am raising my kids and working in a environment full of nature.  I am also  studying different types of natural remedies.

I have been interested in health for a long time, but my interest grew after I had a miscarriage for my first child.  I found out  early on in the pregnancy that the babies heart had stopped beating suddenly and there was nothing I could do but it was still a big shock that I couldn’t do anything to help.  As a result of the miscarriage, I decided to focus more strongly on a healthier lifestyle and began to seriously study natural remedies and holistic care.

I learned the importance of heart from my relationship with the Big Island of Hawaii.  I’m practicing connecting my heart to the islands powerful vibrations every day.  One of the decisions I made with that heart was to create this site and start sharing the loquat heat treatment and aroma oils that I use every day.

Another special skill of mine is my Calligraphy.  Calligraphy keeps me balanced and is so addictive that I forget about the passage of time.  The inspiration for this calligraphy comes from the beauty of the Big Island!